Started by veteran automotive engineers, ROW YOUR OWN aims to be the destination for the best MT vehicles, from the best sellers.

Escalating regulation within the industry continues to reduce emphasis on driver focused vehicles, making those obsessively well-cared-for examples that much more unique and interesting. A high level of documentation about present condition and history are what you'll find with each ROW YOUR OWN listing.

ROW YOUR OWN offers a different experience for those who want to sell, but want to do it on their terms (We allow sellers to choose auction reserves, and our unique starting price option allows you to choose a starting price of your choosing and gain longer term market exposure to the buying public). We've also developed our fee structure (3% or $2,500 max), to allow your vehicle to reach higher bid values, and put more of your vehicles' value in your pocket.

What we look for:
    ∙ Vehicles with unique color or option combinations.
    ∙ Clean title vehicles that have been well cared for and/or low mileage vehicles.
    ∙ Significant documentation of present vehicle condition such as:
            ∙ Photos/video of undercarriage/wheels-off condition, mechanicals and paint condition
            ∙ Vehicle manuals, window sticker, keys/fobs
            ∙ Service history/receipts

What we provide:
    ∙ Fewer, high quality listings so your vehicle doesn't get lost in the crowd
    ∙ Free CARFAX report.
    ∙ Flexibility to sell your vehicle the way you feel comfortable, including Starting Price, Reserve, and No Reserve Auctions.
    ∙ Low buyer premiums to help you get the most for your vehicle.

∙ As a seller, you won't pay any fees to list a vehicle with us.

∙As a buyer, if you are the winning bidder and the auction reserve is met, you'll pay a percentage fee to ROW YOUR OWN, depending on the auction type. (In addition to the winning bid amount, owed to the seller directly).

Submitting a vehicle
We have a straighforward process to handle getting your car listed, and we'll keep in touch the entire way.

Bidding on a vehicle
∙ You'll need to register an account with us in order to bid. We also require that bidders have a credit card on file with us.

∙ For Starting Price Auctions, the auction countdown timer starts after the first bid is placed.

∙ If a last minute bid is placed with less than 2 minutes remaining in the auction, an additional minute will be added back to the auction countdown.

Although we love to see vehicles change hands from one enthusiast care-taker to another, we recognize there are some dealers that want to want to provide an honest and thorough representation of their vehicles. Contact us at to have a conversation to see if you are a good fit for ROW YOUR OWN.