Vehicle Summary

This extremely well kept M5 has resided from new in Northern and Southern California until 2021. It is fully stock with the exception of a DINAN short-shift kit, and currently shows 84k miles. Extensive maintenance history is available and included with the car. This vehicle is sold with a clean CARFAX, and clean Ohio title by private party. The CARFAX indicates 8 owners but this is incorrect, and is due to the previous owner registering the vehicle in different states after relocating. Ownership summary: Owner 1: 2002-2003, CA Owner 2: 2003-2004, CA Owner 3: 2004-2015, CA Owner 4: 2015-2021, CA --> 2021-2024 IN Owner 5: 2024 - , OH

Final Bid: $32,100
High Bidder: kpizzarelli
# Bids: 21

The exterior shows extremely well for the age, and has just been DA polished and waxed (4/2024) -The headlights have been just wet sanded, polished and sealed. (3/2024) -The front windshield was recently replaced with an OEM BMW windshield due to a crack. -The front kidney grille inserts have been replaced due to cracking, original grilles are included with sale (3/2024) -The rear taillight corrosion (common E39 problem) has been corrected with new housing gaskets and electrical couplers (1/2024) -The mirror actuators are both in good working order (passenger side actuator and glass replaced, common E39 problem) (4/2024)

Paint Condition: Original
Paint Protection Film (PPF): None
Most Recent Paint Polish/Detail: 04/2024
Paint Meter Readings Available: Yes

-The instrument cluster shows no dead pixels, a cluster overhaul was performed under previous ownership -The Black, extended leather interior shows well for the age. Some wear is noted on the drivers' seat bolster -Seat twist repair has been completed and both seats operate normally (see video) (5/2024) -Some wear is noted on the center armrest and on the drivers' door grab handle -The headliner is free from any tears or scrapes and is not sagging -All audio speakers and main amplifier have been replaced with new units due to age and amp failure (2/2024) -The shifter has been rebuilt with new bushings and a DINAN short-shift kit (3/2024)


-Front thrust arms, rear upper and lower toe control arms have been replaced, and an alignment performed (5/2024) -New front and rear sway-bar end links (5/2024) -New power steering reservoir, hoses, and fluid (2/2024) -Brake fluid has been flushed (5/2024)

Tire Date Code: LF: Mar/2019 RF: Mar/2019 LR: June/2019 RR: June/2019
Tire Tread Depth: LF: 7mm RF: 7mm LR: 5mm RR: 5mm
Brake Pad Thickness: LF: 9mm RF: 9mm LR: 5mm RR: 5mm
Brake Fluid Age: 05/2024
Front Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Front Suspension Bushing: New OEM
Rear Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Rear Suspension Bushing: New OEM
Current Alignment Setting: OEM

The S62 V8 engine remains stock and has just been fully serviced including: -New spark plugs, coil packs, air filters -New lower oil-pan seal -New serpentine/accessory drive belts -New fuel level sender unit -New camshaft position sensors (exhaust bank) -Oil change (10W-60) -Transmission fluid change (Royal purple synchro max) -Differential fluid change (RedLine 75W-140)

Engine: Original
Transmission: Original
Clutch Condition: Original
Differential: Original
Most Recent Oil Change: 01/2024
Blackstone Reports Available: No
Differential Fluid: Original

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Good luck to all! Here and ready to answer any final questions.
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@Mspohn - Driving video added, apologies, it was already recorded but not added to the gallery. There are no smells or odors or any signs of smoking in the car. The car has just been gone through completely, and I feel confident in its condition to drive just about anywhere. Thanks!
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Possible to get a driving video? Any smells or signs of being smoked in? Any hesitations you would have driving the car home cross country? Thanks!
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@Thirdpedalenthusiast - The rear tires measure 5mm tread depth.
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Just to confirm, are the rear tires truly at 5mm or is that maybe the rear brake thickness input in the tire tread line?
$32,100 kpizzarelli 06-16-24; 7:44 PM
$32,000 VVP980918 06-16-24; 7:43 PM
$31,600 Mspohn 06-16-24; 7:42 PM
$31,500 VVP980918 06-16-24; 7:41 PM
$30,900 kpizzarelli 06-16-24; 7:39 PM
$30,800 TWilliams 06-16-24; 7:37 PM
$30,600 kpizzarelli 06-16-24; 7:35 PM
$30,500 EeeThirty 06-16-24; 7:34 PM
$30,250 TWilliams 06-16-24; 7:33 PM
$30,000 VVP980918 06-16-24; 7:32 PM
$28,500 EeeThirty 06-16-24; 7:31 PM
$28,200 TWilliams 06-16-24; 7:30 PM
$28,000 EeeThirty 06-16-24; 7:28 PM
$27,500 TWilliams 06-16-24; 7:26 PM
$27,000 VVP980918 06-16-24; 5:11 PM
$26,000 TWilliams 06-13-24; 11:23 PM
$21,000 Thirdpedalenthusiast 06-12-24; 10:35 PM
$20,000 TWilliams 06-12-24; 10:20 PM
$15,000 Thirdpedalenthusiast 06-08-24; 6:30 PM
$6,150 Shawnt0 06-08-24; 4:52 PM
$6,000 ealia 06-05-24; 7:28 AM