Vehicle Summary

My Canadian 2001 Accord EX 4cyl MT, bought during covid in 2020 from the second owner. Imported to the USA around 2015 by a dealership. Second owner bought it for his wife who said she didn't want to drive manual transmission, he drove it once a month on the freeway to keep it in shape. I bought the car when it had 23,000 miles on it and have put on an additional 16,000 miles during my ownership over the past 3.5 years. Only very simple mods like floorliners/cargoliner/dashcam/stereo done to enhance the car a little bit better than stock.

SOLD (After Auction) to ACCORDingly for $8,000

Original paint in very good condition, no fading, uniform throughout the car. Small blemishes/dents in some spots that are pictured. All window/door seals are in good working order. Front bumper has chips in various spots and the driver side headlight has some internal condensation. New wipers as well. Sunroof works perfect. The car has day time running lights which are required by Canadian law.

Paint Condition: Original
Paint Protection Film (PPF): None
Most Recent Paint Polish/Detail: 06/2024
Paint Meter Readings Available: No

Close to mint condition, no defects on the seats or carpets, no cracks or deformations on the dash. Has Weather tech all weather floor mats for driver and passenger sides and trunk. Has a 2 channel dash for front and rear recording hardwired in to operate when the car is on (256gb memory card), can also be plugged in to always be on. There is also a double din pioneer stereo and a small 6" JBL subwoofer which is located under the passenger seat. The trunk and spare tire area looks just like it did from the factory, there is a tear on the side trim above the factory jack. The car has power mirrors with defrosters which are a requirement in Canada.


Completely rust free, always had routine details to keep it looking factory new. No exterior mods, as stock as it can get.

Tire Date Code: 04/18
Tire Tread Depth: 5/32
Brake Pad Thickness: See pics
Brake Fluid Age: Unknown
Front Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Front Suspension Bushing: Original
Rear Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Rear Suspension Bushing: Original
Current Alignment Setting: OEM

F23 4 cylinder econo-VTEC engine and 5MT transmission, operate flawlessly. No drive train codes/lights. Oil changes every 5k miles with AMSOIL signature series and a transmission service less than 2k miles old. The AC works but could use a recharge, it isn't as strong as it could be but still works well enough to defog. My catalytic converter was stolen during COVID, it was replaced with an aftermarket unit by insurance. The prior owner installed new engine belts which today are still in very good condition and show no discoloration or cracking.

Engine: Original
Transmission: Original
Clutch Condition: Original
Differential: Original
Most Recent Oil Change: 08/2023
Blackstone Reports Available: No
Differential Fluid: Original

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What is the reserve on this one?
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Thanks to all who participated! The high bidders' info will be provided to the seller.
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Good news, I found the second set of keys that I lost months ago.
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Beautiful car! As a former Honda Engineer that worked at Marysville Auto Plant, that gen Accord was really unique, fun, and sporty. And in this color, MT, and no miles on it, is going to make a great add to any Honda collector's inventory. Good luck with the sale!
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I'm always online guys, I'll answer any question and provide any addition pictures or video upon request.
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One of my favorite NSX-inspired backend! I truly wish you were closer. AND same door handles as the S2000!
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$8,000 ACCORDingly 05-20-24; 7:02 PM
$7,500 andyscott 05-20-24; 7:01 PM
$7,400 ACCORDingly 05-20-24; 7:00 PM
$7,300 Will30 05-20-24; 6:59 PM
$7,200 andyscott 05-20-24; 6:59 PM
$7,100 ACCORDingly 05-20-24; 6:55 PM
$7,000 hondaboy_22 05-20-24; 1:26 PM
$6,900 B5s4Drver 05-20-24; 9:26 AM
$6,800 Will30 05-19-24; 9:03 PM
$6,400 B5s4Drver 05-19-24; 4:13 PM
$6,300 Will30 05-19-24; 3:04 PM
$6,100 B5s4Drver 05-19-24; 12:10 PM
$6,000 Nickalvarez 05-18-24; 11:38 PM
$5,500 hondaboy_22 05-18-24; 11:25 PM
$5,000 Nickalvarez 05-18-24; 7:23 PM
$4,600 Will30 05-18-24; 2:35 PM
$4,500 hondaboy_22 05-16-24; 9:12 AM
$3,700 Nickalvarez 05-16-24; 2:52 AM
$3,500 hondaboy_22 05-13-24; 6:03 PM