Vehicle Summary

*Re-listed due to previous auction winner being unable to complete sale* * Napa, CA (Grandma’s) car until September 2022. * Bone stock, no modifications. * Honda Engineer owned / maintained. * Rust free exterior / underbody. * 9/10 beautiful blue original interior. Recent Services: 1) Brake Fluid Flush. 2) Clutch Fluid Flush. 3) MT Fluid Change (Honda OE). 4) Coolant Flush. 5) Spark Plugs (NGK). 6) New Valve Cover Gasket + Plug Seals. 7) New Oil Sender. 8) New Air Filter. 9) Steam Cleaned Interior. 10) 2 Stage Paint Correction. 11) Newer tires (~ 8000 miles). 12) 4 Wheel Alignment. 13) 4 New Speakers (Kicker). 14) R12 AC Recharge. 15) No Check Engine Lights. Everything Works! 16) Many other parts replaced under prior ownership at a Honda dealership (ie. timing belt, balancer belt, water pump, drive shafts, brake master, clutch slave, battery, many others / dealer receipts available). Current Service Needs: 1) Oil Change Due. 2) Front Brake Pulsation (rotors) Noticeable Over 60mph. This is an all-original / go anywhere CB7 Accord that I’ve daily driven for the last year. It just completed a trip from Wisconsin to Texas and I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere! Fly in and drive home the best gen Accord ever!

SOLD to CRXdude for $7,133

Glossy exterior as can be seen in the pics. Some paint checking on roof and trunk due to age but not visible unless closeup. Stone chips touched up on front and rear bumper and hood primarily. Right rear bumper had a scrape repair with new paint only at the bumper. Color match is perfect. Excellent visual condition otherwise.

Paint Condition: Some Paint Work
Paint Protection Film (PPF): None
Most Recent Paint Polish/Detail: 10/2023
Paint Meter Readings Available: Yes

Excellent original blue interior as noted. Carpets and seats are beautiful. Original floor mats. Dash and door panel pvc trim is perfect. PVC headliner has a few indentations but otherwise excellent. Glass is scratch free.


Excellent rust free OE.

Tire Date Code: LF: 37/21 RF: 37/21 LR: 37/21 RR: 37/21
Tire Tread Depth: LF: 08mm RF: 08mm LR: 08mm RR: 08mm
Brake Pad Thickness: LF: 08mm RF: 08mm LR: 08mm RR: 08mm
Brake Fluid Age: 09/2022
Front Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Front Suspension Bushing: Original
Rear Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Rear Suspension Bushing: Original
Current Alignment Setting: OEM

All original engine and trans

Engine: Original
Transmission: Original
Clutch Condition: Original
Differential: Original
Most Recent Oil Change: 07/2023
Blackstone Reports Available: No
Differential Fluid: New OEM

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Congrats @CRXdude!
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Getting towards the finish line. Good luck to the winning bidder and reach out if you have questions. The winner won’t be disappointed in this car. It’s legit clean inside, outside, underneath, engine room, everywhere. It’s fun to drive and a great foundation for whatever you want to do with it and a ton of life left in it.
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CB7s are such awesome cars. Simple, intuitive, easy to work on. This car has a great maintenance history and will run for another 200k if maintained. Maybe the most rock solid gen of Accord ever built. I have this one, a daily 96 V6 (Legendary…motor) and a 99 Lude. The best generation of Hondas!
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Yup. Have a great shipping contact that I’ve used before. Door to door pickup. Insured. Usually 3-4 day delivery. Can hook you up to bring it back home!
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The Honda Foo
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Gorgeous car! Any options around you as far as transportation services to bring her to the west coast?
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Feel free to toss me any questions or can add more pics upon request. This car is a blast to drive and geared so nice for cruising. It will go 80-90 without breaking a sweat on the freeway. Butter smooth. No shakes, no rattles. Just a staple of 90s Honda durability / quality / reliability and one of the BEST CB7s I've owned. Really hate to let it go but I know it will make a fellow CB7 enthusiast happy! Good luck to the winning bidder!
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Add a brand new battery to the list of maintenance!
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$7,133 CRXdude 05-23-24; 7:32 PM
$6,200 CRXdude 05-23-24; 7:30 PM
$6,000 The Honda Foo 05-23-24; 7:29 PM
$5,500 CRXdude 05-23-24; 7:21 PM
$5,300 LIQUIDRRP 05-23-24; 7:18 PM
$5,200 CRXdude 05-23-24; 9:35 AM
$5,000 The Honda Foo 05-23-24; 9:32 AM
$4,800 CRXdude 05-23-24; 8:21 AM
$4,700 Dez 05-22-24; 2:26 PM
$4,600 CRXdude 05-21-24; 10:17 PM
$4,500 The Honda Foo 05-21-24; 6:33 PM
$4,300 CRXdude 05-21-24; 5:24 PM
$4,200 The Honda Foo 05-21-24; 2:02 PM
$4,100 CRXdude 05-21-24; 1:34 PM
$4,000 Dez 05-20-24; 10:35 PM
$3,900 The Honda Foo 05-20-24; 1:47 PM
$3,800 Dez 05-20-24; 2:47 AM
$3,700 The Honda Foo 05-19-24; 11:24 PM
$3,600 Dez 05-19-24; 9:17 PM
$3,500 The Honda Foo 05-14-24; 11:03 PM
$2,500 Foxworth 05-14-24; 11:01 PM
$2,000 The Honda Foo 05-14-24; 11:01 PM
$1,600 Foxworth 05-14-24; 10:57 PM
$1,500 The Honda Foo 05-14-24; 10:38 PM
$1,300 Foxworth 05-14-24; 10:29 PM
$1,200 MuffettMan 05-14-24; 8:20 PM
$1,100 The Honda Foo 05-14-24; 5:32 PM