Vehicle Summary

This 2002 Oxford Green Metallic II M3 is presented in pristine condition and is a very rare color indeed, with only 116 Coupes shipped to the USA in total. With only 46,000 miles, this well-maintained Coupe is sold with extensive service history, a clean CARFAX, and California title. Over $5K recently invested in new brakes (rotors, disks, pads), all fluids, leather reconditioning and more. The car has been CA Smogged and has current registration.

Final Bid: $45,250
High Bidder: darrelldamon
# Bids: 20

The Oxford Green Metallic II is nearly immaculate with the exception of some minor stone chipping on the front bumper. The upgraded 19" CSL wheels are free of any curb rash or scraping.

Paint Condition: Original
Paint Protection Film (PPF): FR Clip
Most Recent Paint Polish/Detail: 01/2024
Paint Meter Readings Available: No

The interior is equipped with grey nappa leather, milled aluminum trim, power sport seats, premium sound, and glass roof. Additionally, this vehicle has automatic climate control, Business (non-navigation) CD and cassette player, and a tilt steering wheel.


The suspension remains completely stock, the subframe has not been reinforced but has been inspected and remains in great condition. Recent brake rotor and pad service have been completed.

Tire Date Code: 2023
Tire Tread Depth: 6mm
Brake Pad Thickness: 9mm
Brake Fluid Age: 01/2024
Front Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Front Suspension Bushing: Original
Rear Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Rear Suspension Bushing: Original
Current Alignment Setting: OEM

The S54 engine remains stock and well maintained. The long block was replaced by BMW under warranty due to the connecting rod bearing recall being incorrectly performed on the original engine.

Engine: Original
Transmission: Original
Clutch Condition: Original
Differential: Original
Most Recent Oil Change: 01/2024
Blackstone Reports Available: No
Differential Fluid: Original

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Crazy great color! This thing is still cheaper than a Civic Type-R.. I'd take this any day!
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@MataSerb thanks for the question. I haven't had any issues from the diff. The only mention I found of it going back thru the service records from previous owners was that the pinion seal and fluid were replaced in 2018
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Rear differential still solid? I had a problem with my ‘04 e46 M3 and know it’s an ongoing issue until they beefed them up in ‘06
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Hey all just a few final reminders on the car. Tires are virtually new (2023 date code) w/ very few miles, brake rotors and pads were done by me last fall. Also all fluids have been flushed. I also had a deep cleaning and conditioning done on all the leather interior. If you are registering the car in CA the car has been smogged and registered. The car is ready to enjoy! Good luck to all!
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If anyone has any questions I’m here and happy to answer them!
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Hey - just wanted to say thanks to Dave, the team at Row Your Own and especially all the folks who have been bidding on the car! Thanks also to the all who have checked out M3!
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I've always wondered why BMW put channel-lock pliers in their toolkits?
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This will look so good next to my laguna green E30 :)
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My god this is one of the cleanest and nicest E46s I've ever seen
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Since I love this color, here comes the first bid!
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$45,250 darrelldamon 06-13-24; 7:28 PM
$45,000 GlenH 06-13-24; 7:26 PM
$44,750 darrelldamon 06-13-24; 7:08 PM
$44,500 GlenH 06-13-24; 5:50 PM
$44,000 darrelldamon 06-13-24; 10:49 AM
$41,000 A S L 06-12-24; 11:38 PM
$39,500 GlenH 06-12-24; 11:21 PM
$39,000 A S L 06-12-24; 8:40 PM
$38,000 darrelldamon 06-12-24; 2:47 PM
$37,000 A S L 06-12-24; 12:24 AM
$36,000 GlenH 06-11-24; 9:15 PM
$35,000 A S L 06-11-24; 2:10 PM
$34,000 darrelldamon 06-11-24; 1:09 PM
$32,000 GlenH 06-10-24; 7:53 PM
$30,000 A S L 06-09-24; 9:05 PM
$27,500 GlenH 06-09-24; 8:13 PM
$25,000 A S L 06-09-24; 1:14 AM
$18,500 Z3SpdDmn 06-04-24; 9:27 PM
$15,000 JakeH6 06-03-24; 11:27 PM
$10,000 Thirdpedalenthusiast 06-03-24; 6:42 PM