Vehicle Summary

For its 30th Birthday, Pontiac produced 1,600 30th Anniversary WS-6 Trans-Am Firebirds. This car is #1005. This car was also optioned with the 10 CD changer and traction control. Showing just 4,600 miles from new, this 2 owner example remains in pristine, like-new condition and carries a clean CARFAX and Ohio title.

Final Bid: $35,300
High Bidder: 1999firehawk
# Bids: 9

30th Anniversary Trans-Am's came with blue stripes and badging and anodized blue wheels. This car has had the Daytona 500 decal package installed. The removable T-tops are in perfect condition and stow neatly in the trunk when not in use.

Paint Condition: Original
Paint Protection Film (PPF): None
Most Recent Paint Polish/Detail: 06/2024
Paint Meter Readings Available: Yes

Special 30th Anniversary floor mats, numbered plaque (#1005), White, Prada leather embroidered seats, and trophy mat (in original packaging), factory original 10 speaker monsoon sound system, and factory 10 CD changer. The leather seats are 8 way power-adjustable with pneumatic lumbar and side bolster adjustment.


Front coil-spring suspension, rear live axle with coil springs, and 4-wheel disc brakes. The underbody and chassis components remain in like-new condition as this vehicle has never been driven in winter or rain. The brake fluid was recently flushed in April, 2024.

Tire Date Code: 1999
Tire Tread Depth: 7mm
Brake Pad Thickness: 9mm
Brake Fluid Age: 04/2024
Front Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Front Suspension Bushing: Original
Rear Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Rear Suspension Bushing: Original
Current Alignment Setting: OEM

5.7L(350ci) LS1 V8 producing 320hp/335lb-ft mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. Both coolant and engine oil (Mobil1) were recently changed in April, 2024

Engine: Original
Transmission: Original
Clutch Condition: Original
Differential: Original
Most Recent Oil Change: 04/2024
Blackstone Reports Available: No
Differential Fluid: Original

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Much better value here than the undriveable grades like this one....
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Nice breakdown here. This car was 1/613 coupes with MT. Only going up in value.
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Only 1600 of these built...I have friends with no mile cars that can't be driven. This can and it's not $60K
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I've seen this car in person. It's absolutely beautiful. All original. That's a minor issue and easily correctible. It has been in temp controlled storage most of it's life.
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I get the rear end but the control arms up front??
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That's pretty normal with those cars. The rear ends weren't coated. They rusted going down the line. Very easy to clean up. An afternoon on the lift and that car will look beautiful.
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Anyone else concerned with the amount of surface rust on the control arms? It still too cheap for what the car is but I feel like this is a sign of how the car was stored.
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@TheCollectors You are correct, this car does not have the Hurst shifter, nor RPO option code. The seller has two 30th Anniversary Trans-Am's and there was a simple miscommunication. Listing corrected!
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It is mentioned several times in the description that this car has the Hurst shifter option yet this car doesn’t not have that option present. The RPO code for the Hurst shifter is BBS and the leather shift knob has an embossed “H” on the top. Neither of these are shown on this car.
$35,300 1999firehawk 06-17-24; 7:32 PM
$35,200 4thGenRick 06-17-24; 7:31 PM
$35,100 1999firehawk 06-17-24; 7:29 PM
$35,000 4thGenRick 06-17-24; 7:17 PM
$29,100 1999firehawk 06-17-24; 7:08 PM
$29,000 4thGenRick 06-14-24; 10:23 PM
$23,000 Hayabrusa 06-11-24; 9:43 PM
$22,500 Poncho Farrah 06-10-24; 11:56 PM
$10,000 Hayabrusa 06-05-24; 10:33 PM