Vehicle Summary

This beautiful 1999 Honda Prelude SH has been left completely stock and unmolested and shows just 82082 original miles. The current owner is a Honda engineer and true enthusiast collector, we are excited to present this pristine example! -rowyourown Selling my '99 Prelude SH out of my collection. I am a 30 year Honda engineer and have been thru this car top to bottom. I am very meticulous with my cars and enjoy bringing them up to like new or better condition. I wet-sanded and polished every panel and protected with graphene coating, I'm not sure the pictures do the paint justice. I'm an open book so if you do have any questions please ask. Highlights: - 3 owner vehicle, Oregon owned until fall of 2022 (~76k miles driven in Oregon). - Includes original keyfobs, owners manuals, significant repair documentation from DeLon Honda / Silverton Auto from previous ownership. - Clean Carfax, all original metal and paint. - Everything is functional, no CEL. - Drives perfectly straight / vibration free, no abnormal rattles / squeaks / windnoise. - Absolutely ZERO rust top to bottom with beautiful underbody as vehicle was stored in a temperature controlled environment during prior ownership. - Has NEVER seen a WINTER. - Excellent driver that has made multiple 1200 mile roundtrips and has been popular at local car shows. - Fun, fast, and agile! Wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere!

SOLD to Kharripe88 for $21,500

- All exterior paint is original and has been fully wet-sanded, polished, and graphene coated.. bringing the exterior to a better-than-new appearance. - Headlights have been wet-sanded, polished, and sealed - Minor stone chips touched up on front bumper. Other very minor chips and scratches touched up but not apparent.

Paint Condition: Original
Paint Protection Film (PPF): None
Most Recent Paint Polish/Detail: 09/2023
Paint Meter Readings Available: Yes

Completely stock and in great condition. All carpet and upholstery has been steam cleaned. Original floor mats are in great shape and included with sale.


Stock chassis components are in great shape and nearly rust free. The car spent the majority of its life in Washington and therefore was not subjected to harsh winter driving.

Tire Date Code: 2022
Tire Tread Depth: 8mm
Brake Pad Thickness: 7mm
Brake Fluid Age: 09/2023
Front Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Front Suspension Bushing: Original
Rear Suspension Damper/Spring: Original
Rear Suspension Bushing: Original
Current Alignment Setting: OEM

-Stock H22A4 2.2L VTEC engine, 5 speed manual transmission shifts smoothly with no grinds or gear pop-out. -Under previous ownership: Major service at Honda dealer in 2014 (8k miles ago): Timing Belt, Balance Shaft Belt, Water Pump, Tensioner, Balance Shaft Adjuster Pulley, Cam Seal, Front Crank Seal, Balance Shaft Seal, Oil Pump O-Ring, Water pump, Coolant, Distributor Cap and Rotor, fluid changes (Oil, Coolant, MT, PS). -My ownership: Summer 2023: Oil and Filter Change, MTF, Brake, Clutch, Coolant, Power Steering Fluids, Valve Cover Gasket and Plug Seals, Timing Belt Inspection (belt looks brand new), Battery, PCV Valve, Air Filter, Tires, Alignment, Spark Plugs, Full Paint Correction with Graphene Coating (paint is outstanding / glass-smooth), Interior Steam Clean (just because...) - Has a minor oil drip believed to be from oil filter base seal (common Prelude issue).

Engine: Original
Transmission: Original
Clutch Condition: Original
Differential: Original
Most Recent Oil Change: 01/2024
Blackstone Reports Available: No
Differential Fluid: Original

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Congrats to all bidders! I appreciate the interest and congrats to Kharripe88 — great battle! I know you’ll love this classic Honda.
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A prize for any Honda collector or someone that wants cheap fun? What can u buy for this $ these days? Not even a Civic!
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Don’t miss out! Rare SH. West Coast beautiful. Excellent mechanicals!
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Hey! Thanks for all the updated photos/videos. I sent you a message through here yesterday, not sure if you saw it.
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As a bonus.....had the privilege of hosting Honda Pro Jason tonight who will give you his insights on my SH. Incredibly knowledgeable on all things Honda as his day job is educating Honda dealers and customers on the features on their vehicles. Even taught me a few keyfob tricks that I was unaware of as a multi Prelude owner. Check out his impressions here...
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Ok.....all the requested pics and videos have been uploaded! Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
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Yup. Can get that this evening. Honda Pro Jason is paying me a visit to profile the car and another Prelude I own. Will post a link when it's available. Stay tuned!
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Hey there, how about a photo of the spare tire removed to show the trunk area? Thank you!
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Up close pics of paint chip please
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Walk around videos will be added…thanks.
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Beautiful car! Is there any way you could do a walk around video of exterior/interior?
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Paint thickness in microns.....Hood=105-124, LF Fender=99-125, LF Door=109-130, LR 1/4=106-130, RR 1/4=111-130, RF Door=107-133, RF Fender=105-127, Roof 99-105.
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Added new pics of the wheel arches which are perfect! Paint is still glossy, back sides are clean. Also confirmed paint meter readings:
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Yep. Will post Sunday. Thx.
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Hey there, can you take detailed photos of the rear wheel well arches with the rubber gaskets removed? Thanks!
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Good question. I’ll provide detail measurements this weekend. 105-135 microns is the general range of where I started and typical for factory Honda paint thickness in the 90s. Wet sanding in this case was very minimal. Just a light scuff with 3M Trizact 5000 which is like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It basically just removes contaminants (bugs / embedded dirt) and levels the surface. Very, very minimal clear removal and maybe not even measurable.
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Are you able to test the thickness of the paint after the wet sanding?
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For anyone needing shipping help, I can provide a reliable / cost effective contact as well.
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I'll add pics of the body panel vins and paint measurements shortly for those wondering.
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Thanks for following my auction! This is a beautiful and rare Pearl SH that would be just as at home as a Show Pony or daily enthusiast driver. Or both. It was well maintained by it's ~20 year previous elderly owners who kept it in a heated garage and it's meticulous care continued with me, a Honda Engineer that updated the services. It's a blast to drive, turn key in a hot pearl color scheme. Paint is baby smooth after paint correction and Graphene and will be a prize in anyone's collection!
$21,500 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:46 PM
$21,200 Evolved 07-21-24; 7:45 PM
$21,100 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:43 PM
$21,000 revjunky 07-21-24; 7:41 PM
$20,600 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:40 PM
$20,500 revjunky 07-21-24; 7:40 PM
$20,300 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:38 PM
$20,200 revjunky 07-21-24; 7:38 PM
$20,000 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:37 PM
$19,900 revjunky 07-21-24; 7:36 PM
$19,800 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:35 PM
$19,700 revjunky 07-21-24; 7:34 PM
$19,600 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:32 PM
$19,500 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:32 PM
$19,400 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:32 PM
$19,200 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:32 PM
$19,100 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:31 PM
$18,900 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:31 PM
$18,800 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:31 PM
$18,700 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:31 PM
$18,600 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:31 PM
$18,500 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:31 PM
$18,400 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:30 PM
$18,300 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:30 PM
$18,200 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:30 PM
$18,000 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:30 PM
$17,900 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:30 PM
$17,800 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:30 PM
$17,700 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:30 PM
$17,600 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:29 PM
$17,500 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:29 PM
$17,400 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:29 PM
$17,300 Kharripe88 07-21-24; 7:29 PM
$17,300 agarcia 07-21-24; 7:29 PM
$17,100 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:27 PM
$17,000 SpeedyCorky 07-21-24; 7:27 PM
$16,600 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:27 PM
$16,500 SpeedyCorky 07-21-24; 7:27 PM
$16,000 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 7:12 PM
$15,900 agarcia 07-21-24; 7:12 PM
$15,600 Bill’s Hondas 07-21-24; 1:18 PM
$15,500 Davelaser 07-21-24; 9:43 AM
$15,400 Bill’s Hondas 07-20-24; 2:52 PM
$15,300 Davelaser 07-20-24; 9:41 AM
$15,200 Bill’s Hondas 07-19-24; 11:36 PM
$15,100 Davelaser 07-19-24; 11:14 AM
$15,000 revjunky 07-18-24; 9:07 PM
$14,000 Davelaser 07-18-24; 9:02 AM
$13,500 Bill’s Hondas 07-18-24; 1:40 AM
$13,000 Davelaser 07-17-24; 9:04 AM
$12,000 SpeedyCorky 07-16-24; 8:06 PM
$7,500 Slider45771 07-11-24; 3:16 PM