Vehicle Summary

This 97 Prelude SH shows 110k miles, a clean title and CARFAX, and has just undergone significant rejuvenation including a complete chassis refresh, timing belt and water pump replacement, ignition system refresh, full fluid flush, and various worn engine seal/gasket replacement. Extensive interior and exterior detailing was also just completed.

SOLD to Thirdpedalenthusiast for $13,600

Exterior shows in great condition for the age. -No aftermarket modifications -Original OEM accessory mud flaps have been removed and are included in sale. -All glass is OEM original Honda etched (see pics) -10/10 VIN stickers on body panels. -All exterior surfaces have been DA polished and waxed, all glass has been polished with cerium oxide. -The front windshield does show a small chip in the lower drivers side area (see pics) - and is otherwise free from any pitting -The rear bumper has some minor scraping that has been touched up -The left FR fender has been repainted/blended due to a large scrape (see pics for pre-paint condition)

Paint Condition: Some Paint Work
Paint Protection: None
Most Recent Paint Correction: 09/2023
Paint Meter Readings Available: Yes

Interior is original and unmodified. -All OEM floor mats are present -No major stains rips or tears on upholstered surfaces, carpet, floor mats, seats have been steam cleaned (9/2023) -Driver floor mat shows some wear. -No holes or tears in headliner -Spare tire, tools, and jack are present in trunk and appear in unused condition. -Owners manuals are included


Full chassis rebuild (Summer 2023) includes: -Sandblast and refinish all chassis components (upper control arms, lower control arms, knuckles, radius rods, trailing arms, RR subframe) -New bushings in all suspension locations (due to bushing availability Energy Suspension Poly full vehicle kit was used) -New wheel bearings -New Dampers and hardware (KYB GR-2) -Tein H-tech springs to correct 'nose-high' appearance Preludes have from factory (~0.5in drop, OEM springs included w/ sale) -Ball joints inspected and replaced as necessary (FR L lower control arm replaced) -CV axles rebuilt and outer boots replaced -Brake calipers rebuilt -New rotors, pads, brake lines (Power-stop cryo treated, semi-metallic pads) -New sway bar end links and sway bar mount bushings (Energy suspension)

Tire Date Code: LF: 12/23 RF: 12/23 LR: 12/23 RR: 12/23
Tire Tread Depth: LF: 06mm RF: 06mm LR: 06mm RR: 06mm
Brake Pad Thickness: LF: 08mm RF: 08mm LR: 08mm RR: 08mm
Brake Fluid Age: 06/2023
Front Suspension Damper/Spring: Aftermarket
Front Suspension Bushing: Aftermarket
Rear Suspension Damper/Spring: Aftermarket
Rear Suspension Bushing: Aftermarket
Current Alignment Setting: OEM

Full tune-up/maintenance in spring 2023 including: -New OE timing belt, water-pump, tensioner, OE coolant flush -New OE Valve cover gasket -New OE spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor, distributor oil seal -New OE VTEC cam seal plug -New OE VTEC solenoid seal -Cleaned and resealed IAC Valve -Resealed oil pan w/ Honda Bond -New OE transmission fluid -New OE ATTS fluid

Engine: Original
Transmission: Original
Clutch Condition: Original
Differential: Original
Most Recent Oil Change: 07/2023
Blackstone Reports Available: No
Differential Fluid: New OEM

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@Thirdpedalenthusiast - Apologies for the mistake, the car does not have paint protection film applied. We have updated the listing details.
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Hi, quick question, what kind of “paint protection” is on the front bumper?
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@Thirdpedalenthusiast - Try the 'chat with seller' link near the vehicle information at the top of the page.
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@rowyourown Is there a way to contact you? I don't see a way to reach out other than a comment here.
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@Thirdpedalenthusiast - Thanks for the question! All of the typical Prelude oil leak areas have been addressed. The oil pan gasket, oil filter housing mount o-ring, vtec solenoid gasket, distributor o-ring, valve cover gasket have all been replaced within the last 6 months. Check out the pictures for some shots of the engine during service.
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Any slow or persistent oil leaks?
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No comments yet? Nice car! I’m in Indy! Very tempting!
$13,600 Thirdpedalenthusiast 12-18-2023; 1:20 PM